Jumat, 30 September 2011

Time ...

took me time to run
so fast,,

attractive force
my body that has been frail
forced to remain
looked forward while
heavy sigh ..

past ...
I want to briefly menolehnya even just for me
eliminate hunger longing
beautiful moment I will masa_masa
still have a love

now it seems I was dead, and, rasaku lost some where ...

sorrow ...
happy ...
whatever they are called, all the same to me no more beautiful

who had always made ​​me smile now all broken,
scattered and annihilated swallowed tears

If I could, I wanted to go back kemasa that, where there are smiles and laughter

Right now I want to go back rasaku
to make me feel alive again,

I want my heart whole again as
Where before I
know love.

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