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How to add a Flash animation

To do add a Flash animation to a blog entry there are two ways you can achieve this. First upload your file to your filespace.
The Flash Icon
The other way is to use the Flash icon within the advanced editor. This will pop up this window.
Clicking the Insert button will complete and paste in the code into the entry.
Using HTML direct
If you have code you want to place, rather than examine it and break it up using the Flash form, you can just paste the HTML into HTML mode by clicking the Html button on the advanced editor. Then paste in the code, example below.
<param name="movie" value="YOUR FLASH ANIMATION LINK HERE.swf">
<param name="quality" value="high">
Other ways to add flash?
You can also add flash in a number of places. You can add flash as a gutter, header or footer element. Just paste your code into a Basic HTML widget. You can use Widgets, Custom home page to design a beautiful flash home page.

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